About Us

The Alliance has been active in the community since 1991. Our most recognized scholarship fundraiser is our annual Gourmet Grazer. This event features Chefs from area Hotels and other organizations. Each group prepares a variety of food items that are sampled and rated by a panel of judges. The judges are usually members of the community and are selected on random basis. The cumulative scores of the judges are tabulated and a first , second and third place trophy is awarded to the top three contestants. The public gains entry to the event with a donation to the scholarship fund and they are able to sample the items from the many displays. The event includes entertainment, prizes and various raffles and concludes with the selection of the Chef of the Year presentation. The organization also donates and prepares food for youth groups, seniors and various others in the community.

Our scholarships are awarded to the academically qualified individuals who desire to pursue post secondary education. These scholarships are awarded through our area school district's scholarship website. Preference is afforded to but not limited to students interested in attending culinary training institutions.

Individuals who meet our academic and financial need requirements are awarded scholarships on a semester basis. If the student continues to be enrolled and maintains his grade point average, they will be awarded a second semester scholarship. The amount of the award is based on financial need and available funds.